Kingsport Boudoir: Why do a boudoir session // Embracing our flaws

Boudoir sessions…… what’s your first thought?   “How could she do that? I’m to self conscious to do a boudoir session. I need to loose 10 pounds. I will never feel sexy in a boudoir session.”   STOP it! Stop it right now. There are tons of reasons to do a boudoir session. You can do it for your husband, your boyfriend, or your partner…There are tons of reasons…. But why not do it for YOURSELF!

Everyone is self conscious in some way. I don’t like my nose, my spagetti arms, and my chicken legs. Ohhhh and did I mention since I’m dark skinned and dark hair that I have horrible dark upper lip hair lol.. YES you can imagine how that went in high school. haha EVERYONE has things they do not like about themselves. Any size, shape, or form; society has taught us to judge ourselves. To constantly criticize how we look, what we eat, and what we wear. Runways feature 6 foot tall size 2 women… Magazines feature airbrushed and photoshopped ladies with their skin so flawless and their curves just perfect, it’s hard not to judge ourselves. We are expected to always look perfect and it’s detrimental to our mind, body, and soul.

The fact is we will never stop judging ourselves. It’s in our nature. We SHOULD NOT put off any photos. That includes family photos also… What if we wait? Then keep waiting till we lose those extra few pounds and it’s too late. Fact is you never know what happens in the future. That’s what I try to cherish each day.  YES I did these photos for my husband, but I also did them for myself.  There is no reason for you to wait to have these done. Explain your hesitations to a professional photographer and I guarantee they know how to pose a lady to enhance the features they love and hide the ones they don’t.  I have never felt more beautiful as I did when I seen these photos. Everyone gets nervous and everyone is afraid they will not like them. I have done several boudoir sessions and I have not seen a single dissatisfied client. EVERY one of the clients were hesitant and doubtful in themselves that they could produce photos they liked. Then EVERY SINGLE ONE of my clients were smiling ear to ear and LOVING their photos.  I’ve heard “wow I didn’t know I could look like that” or ” is that me?”  Each and every one of my clients said it was a boost to their self esteem and they couldn’t be happier with the product from their boudoir session. Have a bad pimple or bad dark under eye circles? I promise a professional photographer will make your photos look pristine.

So what if someone sees them.. SO WHAT who cares. If it makes you feel beautiful, then do it.  If you don’t want them published that’s ok too.. Keep them for a gift for yourself and your significant other. We need to EMBRACE our flaws and be us! Be beautiful! Let our personalities define who we are and not how we look. OWN your style and OWN YOU!  Walk each day as if you were on top of the world. Once you believe in yourself, the others will follow. The most beautiful people in the world are the ones who smile. I wanted to put these out there to show people it’s ok to be vulnerable. I wanted to show that if I can do a boudoir session “betty spaghetti” and all, then YOU CAN TOO!!!!

These photos were taken by Michelle Elise Photography here in Clarksville TN.

I will also be taking boudoir sessions in the Tri-Cities/TN  and Scott County/VA areas this summer!

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