The Value of Photographs

I’m a photographer. I live an breathe photography, but not everyone understands the value of a photograph.  I loving going through old photographs that my family has collected over the years. It’s one of my favorite past-times to get out an old box of photographs from my mammaw’s house. You get to look at old styles, family members, and how the world used to be. Just think someday you will have children who will look through your old photographs. I’m not here to sell you pictures. I’m not here to make you buy hundreds of dollars of pictures. I’m here to explain the value of a photograph.

A lot of clients and potential clients often ask me about cd’s of prints. Do I get the rights to the pictures?, they ask me. I often wonder what happens to the photographs after I give them a CD. Do they actually get prints? Does the prints look like they suppose to? Are they able to get quality prints and products to show off to their families? The truth is that no matter how many CDs you get, it isn’t the same as a good handheld print. You can’t hang a cd on the wall or place a cd on the mantle to show off your beautiful family. Shoot you can’t even have an enlarged print to hang on your wall as art if you get a cd. The thing is I do sell the digital images, but first you must purchase a minimum order of prints first. Plus the cd’s will cost more than any print would.

The reason I do that is simple. You hired me as YOUR photographer to professional photograph your family or wedding. Why would you want to spend money for someone to get PROFESSIONAL photographs of you and not get the PROFESSIONAL product? I wouldn’t. If you invest in a photographer, wouldn’t you want the best end product?!? Honestly, I will be investing soon in a professional photographer to take pictures of my family. I sure don’t want to get a product or print that isn’t a representation of their work.  I want to someday have my children and my children’s children to enjoy those photographs I have printed off. The paper from professional photographers have a 100 year archival grade paper. It has the same vibrant color that your photographer showed you and I can’t say that for other print places. I know if I purchase a CD I won’t be able to share that history with my family and generations to come. You would have to have a computer near just to show off the photos on the cd. If you have enlarged prints hanging on your wall or even some in frames, all you have to do is point and all your friends and family can enjoy the prints too!

I want to give my clients photos that they just won’t store away in a closet. I want to give clients the quality prints and products that they can proudly display in their home. I want to give their family memories for generations to come. After all when all of our memories are gone and we have passed, what is left but our photographs. That my friend is a value of a photograph.

So here are some of my memories….

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