DIY upcycling a nightstand

I have a passion for upcycling things. Anything DIY you can count me in. My husband actually thinks I’m a little crazy for wanting to fix some of these things, but hey.. Crazy is in the eyes of the beholder lol. I want to incorporate something personal about my business. I don’t have any kids and I spend most of my days with my little pup. So I couldn’t imagine you guys wanting to see a picture a day of Marley. So with that comes DIY. I love upcycling anything. These two projects were my absolute favorites so far. I’ve had these photos a while so please ignore my old logo 🙂

Considering this is the first time I have ever done something like this, I’m more than proud of myself.. I primed it, painted, and stained to get the finish look. Remember I found this baby for $20 at a thrift store.. so from junk to chic!

So first I had to get rid of that nasty red color. I noticed it looked like a water based paint so I thought I would try to just dampen it and remove it. Well guess what?!? I was right. With a little elbow grease it came right off.

The next thing I did was prime it, just a plain white color. I didn’t do any sanded or anything. Just made sure all the edges and sides were smooth and then primed it twice. After priming, I found this color of spray paint at walmart called  Carmel Latte and I thought it was gorgeous!!.. SO I gave it a good solid coat of the color and let dry overnight..

I wanted it to look more antique in finish, so the last step was to stain it. Since you are not staining directly over wood I used a gel stain. I just got a really dark finsh. I took a dry brush and brushed on long dry strokes across the wood. Then wiped with a dry cloth to give it this antique finish. I left a lot on the cracks and along the edges to look worn.  So what do you think???

I LOVE IT!!! This was my first DIY furniture project and I think I did pretty good.   So this is my DIY dream nightstand!!!!

This other project I wish I had taken more photos of.. I was a little skeptical at first so that’s why I didn’t.. now I regret not photographing it….These are cell phone pics. Here is our coffee table we use now… It was this old 70s brown color and horrible. My husband stripped the paint and sanded the top part of the table. It was a solid piece of wood so I thought it would look gorgeous stained and boy was I right… Then I primed and painted the legs just a white color. I AM IN LOVE with the coffee table. Now I just with I had bought the two side tables also….

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