Canon 85mm 1.2L Review

So I’ve had this lens for a few months now and  I must say I absolutely love it. The Canon 85mm 1.2L lens is tack sharp and the color and clarity is to die for. I loved the 50 mm but when I got this lens I just fell head over heels in LOVE. The creaminess of the way the depth of field falls off behind the subject is to die for. I haven’t seen a better lens for the bokeh… I have the 50mm, 35mm, and the 135mm and none of them compare to the quality of this lens. It’s amazing!

The only thing that I dislike about it a little is it’s a little bit heavy and bulky. That’s about the only negative thing I could say about this lens. All the shots below are taking with the 85mm. AND most of them are taking wide open at 1.2 or 1.4.

I hope this helps you in determining if you want this lens…. 🙂

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